The 58-th Russian Antarctic Expedition is started. The 58-th Russian Antarctic Expedition is started.
On October 31, 2012 the aircraft IL-76 TD operated by test pilots of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GOSNIIGA) departed from St.Petersburg airport “Pulkovo-2” for Cape Town (RSA).
Transpolar Residency Transpolar Residency
You can hardly find a more curious creature in the world than the Antarctic Adelie penguins. No surprise that they come once in a while to the Schirmacher Oasis from the site of their “permanent residence” at the coast of Queen Maud Land covering the distance of about 100 km to have a look at the Antarctic…

12-th Antarctic season of the INTAARI Company


INTAARI team, in partnership with ALCI, started its 12-th Antarctic season for support of activity at the aerodrome of Novolazarevskaya station. During the four long winter months – from November, 2012 till March, 2013, 24 Russian polar staff members will be working in severe conditions of ice continent supporting continuous operation of the aerodrome base and airstrip. The airstrip is receiving aircrafts with passengers and cargo for 11 countries-participants of the DROMLAN project. About 12 trans-continental flights and over 50 internal flights are planned to be fulfilled during above period. The aerodrome will accept over 500 “members of research expeditions”.


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DROMLAN -The Dronning Maud Land Air Network – the international project created by eleven national Antarctic operators (Belgium, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, RSA, Sweden, UK) that established and are now managing the air bridge between Cape Town (RSA) and the Queen Maud Land (Antarctica).

ALCI - Antarctic Logistics Centre International, Cape Town.