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Novolazarevskaya Station

Logistics for international research expeditions

Logistics for international research expeditions

INTAARI provides logistic support for international research expeditions. Every member of INTAARI team has broad experience of operations in the Arctic and Antarctic areas, world Ocean, North Pole drifting stations, Antarctic ice sheet, mountains and other remote and severe areas of the Earth.

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Смотреть буклет Exploring the Polar Worlds
Открывая полярные миры
In honor of its 22nd anniversary the INTAARI company offers for your attention the 22 sites of the polar world which are worth visiting at least once in life.
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Raining in Antarctica, Novolazarevskaya station

On December 23, a unique weather phenomenon –rain, was observed in the Antarctica at the Novolazarevskaya research station in Queen Maud Land.

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